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Re: Other *-forms for dates and times, and love

> Hm.  I'm thinking that someone _might_ actually invent a
> tag-intersection rule that can't be codified in a Java program.
> Something like "I hereby delegate my telnet capability to all those
> people mentioned in the original certificate whom I love.".  :-)
> Or "I delegate the authority to execute all of the programs 
> mentioned in the original certificate as long as they terminate.".
> :-)

Or any language at all, except where you had enumerated or otherwise
expressed the set of "whom I love" or "they terminate".  This would likely
be in other certificates, and you have the PolicyMaker option to merge them.
This is, of course, a very different thing from chains from issuer to subject,
but a combination of privileges to yield another implied privilege, subject
to a stated policy (in another cert, most likely).  This is among the things
I found so wonderful about PolicyMaker.


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