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Tag-ID caveat

I note here that any tag-originator can create "virtual tag-ids".  Under the
assumption, foreinstance, that as primary spending authority for company X,
I can establish the form for all of my "spend" tags, I could replace the
previous form

        (tag (tag-id xxx) (spend (account) (amount)))
        (tag (spend (spendtag-id xxx) (account) (amount)))

and hope that this still affords some level of increased efficiency, in that
the generic SPKI-tag-intersector will short-circuit as soon as the spendtag-id
is determined not to match.

The only real argument for elevating the tag-id up to the level of all tags
would be to assume that the SPKI certware is wired to attempt comparison of
tag-ids first, and separate from invoking the full intersect-tag-bodies code.
(Ie, it eliminates one level of processing depth when scanning for tag-match.)

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