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Re: Tag-ID caveat


After I wrote,

> I note here that any tag-originator can create "virtual tag-ids".  Under the
> assumption, foreinstance, that as primary spending authority for company X,
> I can establish the form for all of my "spend" tags, I could replace the
> previous form
>        (tag (tag-id xxx) (spend (account) (amount)))
> with
>        (tag (spend (spendtag-id xxx) (account) (amount)))

I realized that you had made this suggestion several days earlier in the mail
"Re: Tag-Lists" (4/5/97).

Is it really a matter of standards?  If someone wants to give their tags
tag-ids, whether as a first-level parameter (before "spend") or a second-
level parameter (within "spend"), in either case they want the intersection
of their tags with someone elses to be empty, and this would occur in any
event, especially in the case of matching a "with tag-id" and a "no tag-id"
tag.  I think.

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