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Re: Other *-forms for dates and times, and love

In message <v03007801af72529b0690@[]>, Bill Frantz writes:
>This is true if the recipient is a human being, because s/he can always
>memorize that data and transmit it outside of any confinement you provide.
>If the recipient is a program, the outlook is somewhat brighter.  The A and
>B levels of the NCSC security model require what are called mandatory
>access controls.  These allow an external actor, typically an
>administrator, to control what programs can do with what they process.

If only they could also make those machines do something useful as well...

Seriously, even if the machine is actually usable, a program can
exploit covert channels and leak the information; current
theories/technologies cannot really guarantee anything of the sort.

I would advise we don't worry too much (and spend time).