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Re: Canonical form for signing S-expressions

> Given these requirements and considerations, I have heard no technical
> arguments against the following proposal, and I suggest we go with it.
> 	-- represent all byte strings "verbatim" as e.g.
> 		#3:abc
> 	   with #,hexadecimal length,colon,byte-string 
> 	   (Using this format gives maximum efficiency for long byte strings.)
> 	-- represent lists with parentheses
> 	-- use no spaces to separate elements, and no fragmentation of
> 	   byte strings.
> Example: The S-expression 
> 	(a b (cd e fgh)) 
> has canonical form for signing
> 	(#1:a#1:b(#2:cd#1:e#3:fgh))
> Agreed?

Sounds good to me.