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Re: binary vs. S-expressions

 A million monkeys operating under the pseudonym 
 "Tatu Ylonen <ylo@ssh.fi>" typed:
> As I said at the SPKI working group meeting, I strongly think
> that we should use a binary-only format.


> As Ron points out, readable formats do help a bit in debugging and
> troubleshooting.  However, the relevance of this is small after the
> initial development; from then on, reliability, robustness and
> interoperability are the major issues.

I've been told that HTTP, HTML, SMTP, RFC822, and MIME were 
successful in part because their human-readable encoding 
facilitated learning and development.  I wasn't involved with any 
of that so I can't confirm it, but it certainly sounds reasonable 
to me.

As a bonus, SPKI in a human-readable 7-bit ASCII form can be easily
_used_ with those standards.


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