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[ggm@connect.com.au: Re: Base-64 encoding proposal ]

In response to the good questions (copied below):

(1) In the context of the current SPKI/SDSI proposal, any character 
    can be quoted by giving it in "raw" binary form (prefixed by length).
    Thus  #1:{  represents a left brace, and #1:}  represent a right brace.

(2) There is no "recursion"" possible; there is just mode switching.  Left
    brace switches you to 6-bit mode, right brace switches back to 8-bit.
    Inside braces, a left-brace is ignored.  Outside braces, a right
    brace is ignored.

Good questions.

	Ron Rivest
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You forgot to specify a quoting mechanism for {} in 8-bit without it being
used to cut to 6-bit, nor did you comment on recursion...

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