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I had a long conversation with Philip DesAutels and Yang-hua Chu today
about places where there may be synergy between W3C and SPKI/SDSI.  

I think there is great potential here.  They are also on a fast track
to get the next version of PICS up and running.  Our projects are at 
about the same stage.

Here is the problem PICS tries to solve.

	There are a variety of "rating systems" (e.g. specifications
        that specify how to rate web pages).  A rating system may
	be defined by the "rating system organization".  

	There are a variety of "rating organizations" that actually
	rate web pages according to a particular system.

	The rating organization needs to be authorized by the 
	rating system organization to provide digitally signed ratings
   	for web pages in accordance with the rating system designed
	by the rating system organization.

	A user specifies a policy such as "this browser should only
	display web pages that have been have rating "sexual content
	less than 4" according to the rating system defined by
	rating system organization RSO.  Any rating organization
	authorized by RSO can provide these ratings.  

How well does this fit into the SPKI/SDSI model?