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Re: Multi-Tag-Cert Tag Creation and Validation

At 01:51 PM 4/14/97 -0700, Tony Bartoletti wrote:
>Peter Williams wrote:
>>Are SPKI tags limited to a single parent in their construction form?
>>Surely, the single-tag cert could need to reference multiple cert-id's
>>which grant it authority or other privilege.
>Certainly a single SPKI certificate may need to reference multiple
>authorizing certificates, but I cannot see how the validation process
>would be made to understand that a particular tag must be intersected
>with a peer-set of parent tags up the chain (mesh).

Each certificate has one issuer.  If you have multiple credentials which 
drive a PolicyMaker program, each would have only one issuer (possibly 
different ones).  I see no way to define a certificate which itself
has multiple issuers in any simple way.

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