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Linkology -- short version

Here is the real impact of what I am proposing for SPKI/SDSI.  The
rest of my long note was discussion that can be read later.

Point: A link should be clearly identified as such, and not muddled in with
       another primitive, such as "hash".   A hash is only one way of having
       a secure link to another object.  

Thus:	Use 		(link (hash sha #ab..#)) 
        instead of 	(hash sha #ab..#)

	Use		(link (hash sha #ab..#) (url "http://..."))
	instead of	(hash sha #ab..# "http://...")

This is CLEARER as to INTENT, and is EXTENSIBLE for other kinds of links
in the future, some of which may not involve hashing.  (SDSI names is the
primary candidate I have in mind, but there will be others.)  The cost of
making this change is also minimal.

This IS simple.

Ron Rivest