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streaming (was Re: propagation control)

At 04:59 PM 4/24/97 -0400, Simon Spero wrote:
>The brain-damaged encoding rules are extremely whacky in places but it's
>not too hard to make a reasonable implementation.  One useful trick for
>generating messages is to start at the and and work forwards-that way you
>can work out the length as you go along.  Remember, we're talking about
>certificates here, so you need to generate the full encoding before you
>can sign anything-streaming is not an option, gentlemen.

Notice that the canonical encoding we have proposed for S-expressions and 
the original -00.txt binary encoding were both streamable.  As you walked a 
structure, you could feed bytes to a hash function.  When you are done with 
the walk, you call SHAFinal().

 - Carl

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