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Re: streaming (was Re: propagation control)

At 08:01 PM 4/24/97 -0400, Hallam-Baker wrote:
>I see the SPKI project as involving three basic documents:-
>1) Specification of a canonical encoding scheme for a data structure FOO.
>2) Specification of a "certificate structure", that is a data structure
>	that represents an authenticated assertion within a particular
>	intersubjective belief system.
>3) An intersubjective belief system for public keys relating to individuals
>	and organizations e.g. SDSI.
>Given the above documents we can create additional assertion systems
>using different semantic principles, different interpretations of names
>etc etc.


	could you provide a couple of specific examples of what you mean in each of 
these three cases?

	Do you believe the format of an SPKI certificate as currently defined can 
permit you to say these things?

 - Carl

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