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Re: Trust and Transitivity

On Thu, 22 May 1997, Ken Rowe wrote:

-> I agree, trust is transitive. 
-> When looking at the trust relationships in a system you need to 
-> consider whether you have transitive closure.  This is especially 
-> true for "certificates."


It is not. So I do not repeat the arguments, since you are in the
list, please read my msg to Tony and list and then we talk after that.

Thank you,

Ed Gerck

-> Ken.
-> ===
-> At 04:53 PM 5/22/97 -0700, Tony Bartoletti wrote:
-> >Ed Gerck wrote "However, trust is not transitive."
-> >
-> >I believe that, functionally speaking, trust IS transitive, in as much as we
-> >speak to the limited domains of trust represented by signed (auth tag) certs.
-> >
-> >When I sign your key with the tag X, I am saying that I trust you to be
-> >(honest, knowledgeable, use-good-judgement) in matters of X.  I may not
-> >trust Khaddafi in such matters, or think that I do not, but if YOU do and
-> >you are basing your actions on his behalf, than I am implicitly trusting
-> >Khaddafi.  Had I known that you get your direction from Khaddafi, I might
-> >not have placed trust in you in the first place, but that is a another issue.
-> >
-> >My two cents.
-> >
-> >___TONY___
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