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Call for Participation: 2nd Intl. Workshop on Enterprise Security


Second International Workshop on Enterprise Security
18-20 June 1997 at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

(part of WET ICE '97 -- IEEE Sixth Workshops on Enabling Technologies:
Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises)


Enterprises are increasingly dependent on their information systems to
support their business and workflow activities. There is a need for
universal electronic connectivity to support interaction and cooperation
between multiple organizations. This makes enterprise security and
confidentiality more important but more difficult to achieve, as the
multiple organizations may have differences in their security policies
and may have to interact via an insecure Internet. These
inter-organizational enterprise systems may be very large, so tools and
techniques are needed to support the specification, analysis and
implementation of security. 

This workshop will focus on the problems and challenges relating to
enterprise security in inter-organizational systems. We aim to bring
together principal players from both the internetwork and enterprise
security community and will provide plenty of time for discussion.

The agenda will include panels on:

     Internet Security and IETF 
     Building Secure Knowledge Systems 

and paper sessions on:

     Security Infrastructure and Management 
     Security for the Internet/Web 
     Secure Collaboration Environments 
     Role-Based Access Control 

You do not need to submit a paper to attend the workshop.

For more information, see the web page (http://www.cerc.wvu.edu/SECWK)
or contact wetice@cerc.wvu.edu.