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Call 4 Participation

The second IEEE International Workshop on Enterprise Security will take place next week (June 18-21) at the MIT. 
 The workshop will host a Panel discussion on the "Future of the Internet 
Security at the IETF."  The Panelist are:
1) Carl Ellison, CyberCash, SPKI author at the IETF
2) Don Eastlake, CyberCash, Secure DNS author at the IETF
3) Perry Mitzger, Co-chair of SPKI and SecSH at the IETF
4) Tatu Ylonen, author SSH at IETF
5) Steve Lloyd, Entrust
6) Tom Polk, NIST, editor of PKIX at teh IETF

You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the future 
of Internet security.

Visit http://www.cerc.wvu.edy/SECWK/  for more information on the presentations 
and discussion groups.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the Workshop,

Best Regards,

--Yahya Al-Salqan, PhD
Sun Microsystems
Enterprise Security General Chair