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Re: Subject signing redux (was: Re: Mary is Mary)


On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, E. Gerck wrote:
> -> > >1. Pls include a MUST co-sign clause.
> -> > 
> -> > I would like to hear list discussion on this one point.
> -> > 
> -> 
> -> For another, it bugs me from a freedom-of-speech point of view.  Libel
> -> laws aside, if I want to label someone (or their key) as a purple people
> -> eater I shouldn't need their permission.  Whether other people believe my
> -> assertion is another story, and they should also be free to make that
> -> decision without the subject's expressed consent.
> -> 
> The argument can equally be reversed to the other side. Further, if Jon
> says that Mary has auth X and auth X is to be the company's lawyer -- but
> Mary is not a lawyer -- she may never be able to prove she did not agree
> with auth X.

That's true, but will it ever be an issue?  If Mary isn't misrepresenting
herself then how could this be a problem?  Could you describe a scenario
in which Mary gets in trouble because Jon, without any help from Mary, 
thinks she's a lawyer?

> -> Perhaps that's what it comes down to.  If the subject is presenting the
> -> cert anyway, isn't that an implied acceptance of its tag? 
> Sure, such as by Jon saying that Mary has auth X. It does not good
> to Mary that Jon implied acceptance of his own signature. 

I don't understand your statements.  Do you agree with the idea of implied
acceptance or not?  It's not Jon implying anything, it's Mary (the
subject) implying acceptance of the certificate she's presenting.

> Also, who else besides Jon can present Jon's cert that says Mary is a
> lawyer?

Actually, Jon can't present that cert because Mary's key is the subject,
so only Mary can present it.  By presenting it, remember, there's the
usual challenge-response going on.  Jon can't pretend to be Mary because
he doesn't have her private key. 

So if only Mary can present the cert, then why would she ever present it
if she doesn't agree with its contents?


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