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Re: legal question about certs

No, mumble, grumble!  I got caught by my spell checker., even after I
repaired the damage once.

The correct term is "transactional". Please do a global search and replace,
invoking the "do what I mean, not what I say" option.

(Could have been worse. I once had a secretary change "compilation" to
"copulation"  in a document (not too bad, since most of my compiles were
screwed up anyway, and a viewgraph slide got changed from Oct, Nov, Dec. to
Oct, Nov, Digital Equipment Corp.) :-)


>>> Peter Williams <peter@verisign.com> 06/26/97 03:57AM >>>
>  1.34 Transnational certificate:  A certificate for a specific
> transaction
> incorporating by reference one or more digital signatures.

Does the DSG really say "transnational" ? Im amazed.

Has ABA really  instituted into its definitions a concept framework
based on
parties necessarily mediating N*N  national jurisidictions, when
Internet transactions using digital signatures,  rather than framing
around, say,  international trade laws/regulations/culture, or
the ephemeral "trans-national Internet information culture" based on
the actuality of Internet consumer  trading practices - founded
on the ubuitous credit/debit-card payment and dispute resolution

I'd heard several cold-war veterans were trying to engender such
a legal framework some 18 months ago, as a intrument for imposing
and intrumenting key escrow; is this the result and part of the means?

Is ABA cognizant of the issues, here?