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Re: SPKI signing keys only (errata)

> From: dpkemp@missi.ncsc.mil (David P. Kemp)
> I wrote:
> >
> > "key establishment" was my made-up term to refer to any public key based
> > process which results in a session key, including transport and agreement.
> Actually, I didn't make up that term, I subliminally remembered
> Definition 1.63 from "Handbook of Applied Cryptography".
> It's always easier to communicate when everyone uses a common,
> generally-agreed-upon language.
Found it.  OTOH, I don't find this "Handbook" particularly easy to
remember, and was rather disappointed in it, for twice the price of
Schneier.  Schneier is a lot more like the good old handbooks from
ARRL and the classic CRC "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics".

I keep the Schneier next to the machine, and the Menezes on the shelf in
the library (in another room).

Anyway, are we agreed in general to use the terminology in Menezes?

    Key fingerprint =  17 40 5E 67 15 6F 31 26  DD 0D B9 9B 6A 15 2C 32
    Key fingerprint =  2E 07 23 03 C5 62 70 D3  59 B1 4F 5E 1D C2 C1 A2