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Re: National CA?

Carl Ellison wrote:
> >I am doing a research on CAs' and  would like to enquire if there are
> >implementations of a National CA in any other countries apart from
> >Singapore?
> >
> >I am refering to any CA implemetation initiated by the Government and
> >not any commercial implemetation.
> >
> >Thank you.
> >
> >Sincerely
> >
> >peng-chiew.
> As far as I know, there are no other national CAs implemented.  Even
> the German government, after its recent Digital Signature law, is not
> planning to implement a national CA.  Instead, they will license
> private companies as CAs.

The German government is going to implement a national CA in the context
if the Digital Signature Law. It will be installed at the BAPT in Mainz
(a federal agency for telecommunication) and is likely to start its 
operation by end of this year or begin of next year.

It is true that private companies will be licensed to offer key certification
to end users. The role of the national CA at BAPT is to set the framework
for this licensing and to issue licenses to private CAs. They do not certify
any end user key. Technically, the national CA will give the licensed CA an 
X.509v3 certificate on their public key.

Wolfgang Schneider