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SPKI implementation notes & proving the SPKI correct

  I'm writing a SPKI implementation. I'm hoping to get it out reasonably
  soon (weeks). Carl Ellison is also in process of implementing this.
  I'm afraid that a complete implementation of the SPKI certificate
  parsing and auth logic is too big to fit in a RFC. 

  Maybe I (together with everyone interested) should start a "SPKI
  Implementation Notes" document ? It would document the standard
  algorithms for doing various things and would include some compliance
  testing material.

  The main certificate text would define the certificate contents on an
  abstract level, while this "implementation notes" or "spki standard
  operation" document would bring it down to almost code level.

  Maybe we want to have four separate (RFC) documents in the end:
    1. Certificate
    2. Protocol
    3. S-Expressions
    4. Implementation Notes

  As the certificate draft alone is currently at 82 pages, the SPKI has
  grown beyond simple. And it will apparently continue to grow.

- Markku-Juhani Saarinen <mjos@ssh.fi>