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rsa public keys

The current SPKI (29 July) draft does not specify a rsa public key format,
but has some examples of public keys. The examples are of type:

   ( public-key rsa-pkcs1-md5 (e ..) (n ..) )

I'm proposing a bit different syntax for public keys:

  <pub-key>:: "(" "public-key" <pub-key-data> <uri>? ")" ;
  <pub-key-data>:: <pub-rsa-pkcs1> | <dsa-key> ;
  <pub-rsa-pkcs1>:: "(" "rsa-pkcs1" <modulus> <public_exponent> ")" ;
  <modulus>:: <bignum> ;
  <public-exponent>:: <bignum> ;

Where <bignum> is a token and is defined as in 4.1.1, p.27.

- the public key is not a "freely ordered subtype based object" (as
  suggested in p.31) and we can thus easily give a BNF definition for it
- the ordering of n and e is the same as in PKCS#1's and X.509's ASN.1
- we have dropped the hash algorithm name (why was it there?)
- this definition is better in line with the SPKI practice of having the
  first element as an object identifier 
Markku-Juhani Saarinen <mjos@ssh.fi>