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splitting up the documents

As I read this huge SPKI document, I find that I cannot even read it all
at one sitting.

It seems to me that there is a lot of duplication with the requirements
draft.  There really needs to be only one document with the "design
requirements", another with "SPKI objects", and another with examples
and implementation details.

Look at how nicely they split up the MIME set.

> From: Markku-Juhani Saarinen <mjos@ssh.fi>
>   The main certificate text would define the certificate contents on an
>   abstract level, while this "implementation notes" or "spki standard
>   operation" document would bring it down to almost code level.
>   Maybe we want to have four separate (RFC) documents in the end:
>     1. Certificate
>     2. Protocol
>     3. S-Expressions
>     4. Implementation Notes
>   As the certificate draft alone is currently at 82 pages, the SPKI has
>   grown beyond simple. And it will apparently continue to grow.

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