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comments on pre-Munich spki draft


  [It would be nice to have some smart-card manufacturers' on the
list. I'm going to BCC this to some people that I know that might be
building smart cards, or might know people that build them. Maybe they
will jump in below]

  Other comments about the draft:

  I think that we might express something like:
  hosts like:	*.sandelman.ottawa.on.ca   

  as a SDSI group. Are the members of the group defined as being part
	(name DNS Canada Ontario Ottawa Sandelman))
	(subject (name DNS sandelman.ottawa.on.ca))

  I need a *concrete* example of the reorder-* *-forms. The
socks/pants/tie example didn't quite explain it to me.

  I concur with moving k-of-n to a seperate draft, with lots of
examples, and perhaps even some lawyer speak included.

  We have a lot of discussion of SDSI names, but it isn't clear to me 
how they are expressed in the certificates. My guess is above.

    (issuer (hash md5 |Ut9m14byPzdbCNZWdDjNQg==|))
	(hash md5 |vN6ySKWE9K6T6cP9U5wntA==|))
    (tag (name fred)))

  I don't think that (do ...) is well enough documented. I suspect
that this is an advanced feature and belongs in a seperate draft. One
point: the basic version needs to be basic. Machines with the oompf to
support the advanced stuff probably can support PolicyMaker as well. 
  [This is where I hope the smartcard people will jump in!]

  In particular, (do ....) makes me think we are really defining a 
language, not a certificate format. This is fine with me,
btw. Algorithms and maps are exchangeable items, however, if we are
defining a language, may I suggest that we define it by more than BNF?
In particular, I think of John McCarthy (is he still alive, btw? a
twelve year old who first read him inside me wants to meet him)'s
  Carl, did you mention that your code to create the examples was
posted somewhere?

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