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Re: (* reorder ...) comments

At 8:39 AM -0700 8/26/97, Carl Ellison wrote:
>This is one example of a complexity of what Ron called the Leatherman
>variety (or Swiss Army Knife, for those who don't know what a Leatherman
>is).  If we could resolve it on the list, and actually decide to permit only
>positional or only named parameters, we can toss this *-form.
>I would like to hear from the list on this subject.

I am one of the proponents of dropping this *-form. I personally prefer
non-positional, but SPKI is going to be difficult to fully validate and
test implementations. With non-positional forms, it could become a
factorial problem to create test suites and validate code sufficiently to
be confident that there was not an error in the implementation. It will be
hard enough to test as it stands, so taking this out will solve many
validation problems.

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