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Re: <cert> versus <sequence>

As I mentioned a few minutes ago, I have some more suggestions on how to
fix the BNF.  Here's the current example from my attempt to add SPKI to
PGP, which should be good for some discussion.

<header>:: "(" "pgpki" <version>
               <issuer> <subject>? <location>? <comment>? <assert>*
           ")" ;

<assert>:: "(" "assert" <valid>? <assertions> <signatures> ")" ;

( pgpki 6.0i
  #12345678# |Z5pxCD64YwgS1IY4Rh61oA==|
  ( assert
    ( not-after 1970-01-02_03:04:05 )
    ( user "test pgpki user <user@pgpki.test>" )
    ( signature #87654321# verbal
      (dsa-sha1 |Txoz1GxK/uBvJbx3prIhEw==|)
  ( assert

I'm not even sure we need the assert labels, as long as we can always
distinguish signatures et alia from assertions.  But it makes a clear
ordering....  and it is 5 am, and time for bed....