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DCSB: Online Government & Electronic Commerce - Legislation andPublic Sector Initiatives


                 The Digital Commerce Society of Boston

                       Daniel Greenwood, Esq.
                       Deputy General Counsel
                  Information Technology Division
                   Commonwealth of Massachusetts

             "Online Government & Electronic Commerce -
              Legislation and Public Sector Initiatives"

                        Tuesday, March 4, 1997
                               12 - 2 PM
                   The Downtown Harvard Club of Boston
                     One Federal Street, Boston, MA

Dan will give us an update on recent information age legislative and
operational developments in the public sector.  Special attention will be
paid to: Electronic Signature and Record Legislation; Joint
Government/Private Sector Attempts to Set Certification Authority
Standards; Cutting Edge Public Sector PKI Projects; Recent Coordinated
State-Federal-Foreign Electronic Commerce Policy Initiatives; and much,
much more . . .

Daniel Greenwood, Esq.
Information Technology Division, Deputy General Counsel
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office: http://www.state.ma.us/itd/legal
home: http://www.tiac.net/biz/danielg

Mr. Greenwood practices information technology law for the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts.  Recent relevant activities include:
* Co-Author of the Draft 1997 Mass. Electronic Records and Signature Act
* Chairman of the Commonwealth of Mass. PKI Task Force
* Chairman of the ABA Info. Security Comm., Legislative Sub-Committee
* Co-Chair of the ABA Cyberspace Law Comm., Legislative Work Group
* Contributing Author: ABA Digital Signature Guidelines
* Negotiator of Contracts for Internet Security and Payment Systems
* Board Member of SigNet.Org and Chair of Legal Special Interest Group
* Director of the Virtual State House Project (MIT/Stanford Law School)
* Faculty Member: MCLE Health Care & Info. Technology Program
* Guest Lecturer for Suffolk Law School High Tech. Symposium
* Selection Board Chairman for First Commonwealth of Mass. C/A Business

This meeting of the Digital Commerce Society of Boston will be held on
Tuesday, March 4, 1997 from 12pm - 2pm at the Downtown Branch of the
Harvard Club of Boston, One Federal Street. The price for lunch is
$27.50. This price includes lunch, room rental, and the speaker's lunch.
;-).  The Harvard Club *does* have dress code: jackets and ties for men,
and "appropriate business attire" for women.

We will attempt to record this meeting and put it on the web in RealAudio
format at some future date

We need to receive a company check, or money order, (or, if we *really*
know you, a personal check) payable to "The Harvard Club of Boston", by
Saturday, March 1, or you won't be on the list for lunch.  Checks
payable to anyone else but The Harvard Club of Boston will have to be
sent back.

Checks should be sent to Robert Hettinga, 44 Farquhar Street, Boston,
Massachusetts, 02131. Again, they *must* be made payable to "The Harvard
Club of Boston".

If anyone has questions, or has a problem with these arrangements (We've
had to work with glacial A/P departments more than once, for instance),
please let us know via e-mail, and we'll see if we can work something

Planned speakers for DCSB are:

March  Daniel Greenwood  The Role of State Government in Digital Commerce
April  Stewart Baker     Encryption Policy and Digital Commerce

We are actively searching for future speakers.  If you are in Boston on
the first Tuesday of the month, and you would like to make a
presentation to the Society, please send e-mail to the DCSB Program
Commmittee, care of Robert Hettinga, <mailto: rah@shipwright.com> .

For more information about the Digital Commerce Society of Boston, send
"info dcsb" in the body of a message to <mailto: majordomo@ai.mit.edu> .
If you want to subscribe to the DCSB e-mail list, send "subscribe dcsb" in
the body of a message to <mailto: majordomo@ai.mit.edu> .

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Robert Hettinga
The Digital Commerce Society of Boston

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Robert Hettinga (rah@shipwright.com), Philodox
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explained by stupidity." -- Jerry Pournelle
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