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Re: SDSI parser?

At 11:15 AM -0800 2/21/97, Carl Ellison wrote:
>SPKI demo code is on my list, but I'd appreciate hearing of one from others.
>It's getting higher on my list, since we have more direct needs for it

We are working on an R&D SDSI parser, and one of the main things holding us
back are some examples of signed objects and some real principals to verify
those signers. As verifying the "canonical" representation of a SDSI object
is essential for signing, it is important to get some real examples out so
we can make sure our hashing is done correctly.

I've not seen enough of the combined SPKI/SDSI proposal to even think of
doing some R&D on SPKI yet -- I was hoping that there would be a combined
document out by now.

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