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RE: encoding: SPKI vs. SDSI

>>We don't need two standard cannonicalizations for S-Expressions!

>I think there can be only one standard for S-expressions.

I can think of many cannonicalisations. Are there to be spaces before,
after parentheses? How are litterals to be handled etc etc... ad nauseam...

>BTW, I've also (through my involvement in W3C) asked RSA to produce an 
>S-expression version of the PKCS standards.  I'm even tempted to do a first 
>pass for them.

I would think that IETF or W3C would be a better forum. Although RSA now
have quite a brand interest in PKCS.

I suspect that S-expressions represent the best common ground between
the various parties. There is widespread agreement that ASN.1 will be 
untennable for many hand held devices. 

My understanding of the W3C work was that there was a rough idea of some
cannonicalisation rules but that these needed some work, in particular for
someone to draft a spec for them.

If you want help drafting such a document I'd be happy to help.