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Re: persistent identities

At 03:03 PM 2/26/97 -0500, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
>Indeed. I think the real question is whether you need *global*
>namespaces ever, and I think the answer to that is, in general, you

And Carl Ellison <cme@cybercash.com> replied:
> Worse than that, I have come to believe that a global namespace
> is just plain wrong -- insecure because it uses meaningless names.

Aren't email addresses, domain names, and URL's examples of global name
spaces?  Maybe we don't strictly *need* them, but we certainly use them
a lot.  Is there something better?  Are these entities obsolete?

It seems even more questionable that they are meaningless.  These do seem
to have meaning in the context of the internet.  They are the addresses
of the endpoints of communication.

Perhaps I am missing the point of what is meant by a global name space