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Re: auth fields

At 08:19 PM 3/14/97 +0000, Ben Laurie wrote:
>> The problem with thinking of such lattices, to me, is that for some real 
>> uses of certs, we'll need to be able to do an occasional PolicyMaker 
>> translation of <auth> -- something that I don't know how to express in such 
>> a form.  A PolicyMaker program would join arbitrary places on such a
>> lattice.
>You want to be a bit careful about terminology here, because "join" and "meet"
>are the defined operations on a lattice, if I remember things correctly. I
>suspect that you didn't mean "join" in the lattice sense (and please don't ask
>me to define that ... but I know a man who can ;-). Correct me if I'm wrong!

Good catch, Ben.  I do know the words fork and join for lattices, but hadn't 
been thinking about that when I used the word.  I meant "connect".

 - Carl

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