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Re: Comments on SPKI draft of 25 March 1997

(Ron, in general I'm in agreement with your comments -- but there are a 
couple of nits...)

At 10:58 AM 3/29/97 EST, Ron Rivest wrote:
>	-- the object type "display-type" is now reserved.

There may be an issue lurking here -- 

are object types (the 1st token in an S-expression) reserved words?
I believe they can't be -- that they have to be relative to an object-type 
dictionary for some given stage of parsing.  When we have many people 
defining their own <auth> fields, they might define parameters which are 
S-expressions (so that they can label their parameters) and there is no way 
we're going to get global agreement on an object-type namespace.

Therefore, I believe we are foced into the position of having each object 
carry with it, as part of its definition, the object-type dictionary for all 
subordinate objects.

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