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Re: Comments on SPKI draft of 25 March 1997

At 12:36 PM 3/29/97 EST, Ron Rivest wrote:
>I don't see the "secure systems" argument for having subject signatures on
>any certificates.  Is there one?

The argument I see for subject signatures is that for many <auth>s, 
something is flowing in both directions.  The <auth> can describe a 
relationship more than just a unidirectional grant.  If something is flowing 
in both directions, then I see a need for both parties to sign.  In this 
sense, I guess I'm seeing a certificate as a kind of contract, and we're 
used to contracts having both parties sign.

However, I have no special fondness for lawyers and if the only thing 
flowing back from subject to issuer is something only a lawyer could love, 
perhaps we should have lawyers discuss this issue, not cryppies. :)

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