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Re: display-types

At 03:40 PM 3/29/97 EST, Ron Rivest wrote:
>If you prefer the [x] y style, carl, let's leave it that way, then.  

I'd like to hear from others on the list before considering the issue done,
but that's my preference as I said before.

>To answer your question: no, the display-type itself should not have
>a display-type.  If you have something like:
>	[xx] yy
>then you are either displaying this in ASCII (in which case xx is just
>printed out as above), or else you are honoring display-types, in which case
>the [xx] won't be displayed at all.

I was thinking of the Chinese programmer who defines some new string type.  He 
might want to name his byte string in his character set.  For example, he
might consider it a friendly act on our part if we were to declare that the
[xx] byte string is itself unicode rather than forced to be ASCII.  Of course,
it's far easier on those of us with ASCII-only tools if [xx] is ASCII.

 - Carl

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