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Re: display-types

Carl Ellison <cme@cybercash.com> writes:

>I was thinking of the Chinese programmer who defines some new string type.  He 
>might want to name his byte string in his character set.  For example, he
>might consider it a friendly act on our part if we were to declare that the
>[xx] byte string is itself unicode rather than forced to be ASCII.  Of course,
>it's far easier on those of us with ASCII-only tools if [xx] is ASCII.

I think "quixotic" would be a better adjective.  Every major
programming language uses English keywords or mnemonics, so there are
no Chinese programmers who can't at least deal with English at that
level.  Also, the overwhelming majority of Chinese-language computer
systems use something like Guo Biao (GB) or Big5 encoding (notice the
nice, easily-recognizable romanized labels), not unicode, so the new 
character string type would be illegible on most computers (regardless of
the Chinese encoding scheme used).

So, in short, thanks for the thought, but let's keep it simple.

	Michael Robinson
	General Manager, Software Development
	Global One, China