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Re: My two pennies

At 03:57 PM 3/30/97 -0500, Marc Branchaud wrote:
>Many, many issues to discuss.  I'll try to refer to an issue number form
>the draft as I make my points...

Thanks for all the comments.  I did get a little issue-happy, didn't I?

>(22) I don't understand the issue here.  If we're letting users define
>their own object types (which is different from defining an <auth> type)
>then I guess we should use local dictionaries.  Am I making sense?

I was considering user-defined <auth> types with named parameters.  Each of 
those parameters would have a user-defined object type.

>(23) If we do this, we should define a specific <auth> or set of <auth>s
>for when this is the case, and also explicitly state that May-delegate
>MUST be 0.  This, of course, complicates things.  What, exactly, is the
>meaning when a non-key object is the subject of a cert?

I was thinking, for example, of a signed purchase order or electronic check,
signed code, ....

>(25) It's always better to state things as clearly as possible.  I say put
>the statement in the document.
>Finally, two syntactical points about the draft.
>- - For dates (4.1.18), don't make any fields optional.  It could make for
>  interoperability problems, especially WRT hashing.  Also, make an
>  explicit definition for midnight.

How would you define midnight?  1997-03-31_midnight ?  If so, we have the problem of deciding whether this is the midnight which just happened a few hours ago as I write this or the midnight which is yet to come.

>- - <valid> is defined as:
>	<valid>:: <not-before>? <not-after>? <online-test>? ;
>  Should it not be:
>	<valid>:: ( <not-before> | <not-after> ) | <online-test> ;

How are you using the ()s?  | is logical OR, so the ()s have
no function here.

I used ?s because I assumed someone would want to specify up
to all 3 of these.

 - Carl

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