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ISC Meeting Notice

                  MEETING NOTICE 

Please correspond with: 
  Michael S. Baum, Esq. 
  One Alewife Center Suite 350 
  Cambridge, MA 02140 USA 
  V: +1 617.661.1234 
  F: +1 617.661.0716 
  E: michael@verisign.com 


Dear Committee Member and Prospective Members: 

You are cordially invited to participate in a meeting of the Information
Security Committee, Section of Science & Technology, American Bar
Association, on Sunday-Tuesday, May 4-6, 1997, at the Academy of the Patent
Trademark Office, in Arlington, Virginia.  The Committee will continue its
advancement of public key infrastructure legal and control issues, as
outlined below. This meeting will include further work on commercial key
escrow guidelines, PKI evidentiary issues, digital signature legislative
initiatives, CA and user liability, and PKI accreditation, among other

Consistent with Section policy, ISC meeting participants MUST be members of
both the ABA and the ABA Section of Science and Technology. Please contact
Ann Kowalsky, Manager Section of Science & Technology, at ABA offices in
Chicago by phone: +1 (312)988.5599, fax: +1 (312)988.5628, or email:
sciencetech@attmail.com for membership information. It is possible to
become a paid member of the ABA and the ISC at the meeting -- and affiliate
ABA membership is also available for non-lawyers. 

Meeting details appear below. I look forward to seeing you in Arlington.


Michael S. Baum 
Chair, Information Security Committee 
Section of Science & Technology, ABA 


Section of Science & Technology, ABA 
May 4-6, 1997 

Tentative Agenda 
(see "Meeting Details," next page) 
(In extended sessions, breaks will be taken as needed.) 

May 4, 1997 Sunday (Casual Dress)
 9:30-10:00 Greetings, breakfast, administrative matters 
10:00-10:30 Introductions, meeting logistics, general announcements 
10:30-12:00 Updates  Work Groups and non-ISC developments of interest
12:00-17:00 WG breakouts, including a working lunch (pizza takeout on-site)
17:00-??:?? Watering hole discussions; possible continuation of WG meetings

May 5, Monday (Business dress)
 8:30-09:00 Breakfast, et cetera
 9:00-12:00 Breakout sessions; legislative WG conference call
12:00-13:00 Lunch speaker/Discussion: Art Purcell, Esq., PTO
13:00-17:00 Breakout sessions

May 6, Tuesday (Business dress)
 8:30-09:00 Breakfast, et cetera. 
 9:00-12:00 Breakout sessions;
12:00-13:00 Lunch speaker/Discussion: TBA
13:00-14:00 WG wrap-ups
14:00-16:00 WG Presentations
16:00-16:30 Path forward; wrap-up 

            Information Security Committee 
             Arlington, VA MEETING DETAILS 
                       May 4-6, 1997 

Members are urged to participate in one of the work groups that will be
presenting/meeting during the ISC's meeting. Please contact Ruven Schwartz,
Esq. (ruven@westpub.com) for further information. 

**Accreditation Work Group 
Contacts: 	Chas Merrill, Esq. (merrill@mccarter.com)
		Lynn McNulty (lynn.mcnulty@internetmci.com) 
		Rick Hornbeck (rnh2@ix.netcom.com)

The accreditation work group has recognized two main functional groups: an
"Accreditation Process Group" (APG) and a "Combined Standards Group" (CSG)
made up of technical, legal, and possibly business standards groups.  The
CSG will eventually create an "attribute table" covering attributes of all
of the available certificates from various CAs. The APG will focus on the
who and how of the accreditation process.  The Accreditation/Standards
Subcommittee will consider the legal implications of standards, and do a
theoretical walk through of some of the standards.

**"Addendum" Work Group 
Contact: 	Joseph Alhadeff, Esq. (jalhadeff@uscib.org)
		Tom Smedinghoff, Esq. (tsmed@mbc.com) 
		Joe Wackerman, Esq. (jwackerm@email.usps.gov) 

The Addendum Work Group will continue drafting a digital signature trading
partner agreement -- integrating the principles of the Digital Signature
Guidelines, and developing additional practical commentary for this model
form of electronic commerce agreement. 

**Evidentiary Work Group 
Contact: 	Gary Fresen, Esq. (gary.w.fresen@bakernet.com)
		Stan Kurzban, Esq. (kurzbans@acm.org) or 
		Serge Parisien, Esq. (parisise@droit.umontreal.ca) 

The Evidentiary Work Group will continue working on the document it is
preparing to acquaint jurists, practitioners, and those participating in
electronic commerce with evidentiary implications of digitally signed

**Key Escrow Work Group (KEWG) 
Contacts: 	Emily Frye (alton@erols.com) or
		Dwight Olson, Esq. (73522.3542@compuserve.com) 

The Key Escrow Working Group will meet and discuss the related projects
that it has undertaken. The first project was to draft guidelines for
voluntary key escrow services.  The second project was to examine the legal
authorities under which government is currently entitled to gain access to
encryption keys or "So you want to run a Key Recovery Facility" Tutorial.
The group will share information and hand out assignments to move these
projects ahead.  The group will also focus on its BXA response letter and
the efforts underway in the "IBM" Key Recovery Alliance.

**Liability Work Group 
Contact: 	Maureen Adamache, Esq. (rmadama@magi.com) 

The Liability Subcommittee will continue plugging existing legislation into
the various liability models in the liability analysis previously developed
by the WG. In addition, it will consider two new issues: the liability of
the application software provider, and the allocation of liability as
between all parties other than the end user. Finally, it will liaise with
the Accreditation/Standards Subcommittee as required.  A third new issue
will be liability derived from consumer protection law.

**State Government Digital Signatures Laws & Regulations 
Contacts: 	Kenneth Allen, Esq. (brsec.kallen@email.state.ut.us)
		Dan Greenwood, Esq. (DGreenwood@state.ma.us)
		Dale Juffernbruch, Esq. (usvcnwzb@ibmmail.com)

The Work Group will hold the third conference call of jurisdictions with
electronic or digital signature legislation that has been enacted or is
pending.  The call will provide an opportunity for updates on legislative
and regulatory developments and discussion of topics related to the
drafting and interpretations of such legislation.  The Work Group will also
continue to draft several papers on the following issues as they relate to
legislation or regulation: consumer protection and consumer education;
liability limitations; accreditation of certification authorities; the
appropriate level of detail and scope of regulation; the definition of
"signature" and "writing" or "record"; evidentiary clauses; and other
topics.  Persons interested in contributing to one or more topic paper
should contact one of the aforementioned people.

Attire for the meeting will be casual on Sunday, and business on Monday and

First-time participants planning to attend the May 4-6 meeting must contact
Ruven Schwartz, ISC ViceChair, at 612-687-8095 or ruven@westpub.com, to
coordinate work-product contributions for the upcoming meeting. 

Meeting Location: 
Patent and Trademark Academy
Crystal Square Building 4
1745 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202

Meals: TBA 

Lodging:  There are three hotels within a block of the Patent and Trademark
Academy.  The Sheraton is offering rooms for  $128/night if you include a
Saturday night stay.  For only Sunday and Monday, the price is $142/night.
Make sure you mention the ABA Information Security Committee.  Reservations
must be made two weeks prior to the meeting (1-800-862-7666).  The Crystal
Gateway Marriott is offering a rate of $94/night (mention the SuperSaver)
or a double occupancy for $99/night (mention the TSB).  These prices are
not guaranteed so make reservations as soon as possible (703-920-3230).
Unfortunately, the other near by Marriott is sold out for Monday night.

RSVP: Please confirm your intention to participate to Ann Kowalsky, Section
Manager, Section of Science and Technology (sciencetech@attmail.com) as
soon as possible. 

See you in Arlington at the PTO facilities.