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Re: Auth

At 12:50 PM -0800 3/31/97, Uri Blumenthal wrote:
>Ron Rivest says:
>> Is there a better name than "auth"??  This is a made-up word, or an
>> abbreviation for "authorization".
>Ron, I think we're going too far. Certainly our users are going
>to be complete imbeciles, but nonetheless I'd say enough it
>enough. "auth" is as good as any. Plus, it has ab extra
>benefit of reflecting precisely what the field means.
>[Do the words like "IRS", "USA", "camcoder" bother you too? :-]

I have a different problem with "auth". It could stand for both
"authenticate" and "authorize" which in English are semantically similar,
but I contend that in the domain of cryptographic policy are very different.

For my part, I lean toward assert as well, though am not convinced.

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