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RE: Card Not Present, was Re: FW: comments

Intersting debate and agree with most of what is said - but the real
issue was about the misrepresntation of the spki document - Its not a
pki definition or a simple one.
And me being simple ie. I like to drive a tractor and go fishing ..

Just see and work with many big intenational organisations designing and
deploying  large scale X.500 directory systems and LDAP access (that do
distributed mutual authentication - which is impossible with LDAP only
servers) with the intent to support their business information
infrastructure and the application of certificates through a variety of
PKIs so they can issue "currency" for "services" in specific product-
domains of interest. 
I believe that the disgital signature and its authenticity is and will
be applied in the wider community regardless of who presents, inspects
and verifies..

That will be an operational and business policy requirement for the
domain of interest - and this will be open to market forces and
govt/consumer policies and acceptance.

I would still like to say to the chairs of this group, that the spki
document produced  presents WRONG statements and its title is MISLEADING
- but if they are happy with it.. thats the world they live in.

regards alan