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RE: Card Not Present, was Re: FW: comments

At 02:24 AM 7/29/98 +1000, Alan Lloyd wrote:
>I would still like to say to the chairs of this group, that the spki
>document produced  presents WRONG statements and its title is MISLEADING
>- but if they are happy with it.. thats the world they live in.
>regards alan


Perhaps the document comes across a bit strong in declaring the "failure"
of X.509 with respect to the early visions of global directories and the
percieved utility of unique names, et al.  Perhaps "problematic" would
have been less harsh...

As far as the title being misleading, I don't feel that is really the case.
Consider that the "Public" in any "PKI" properly refers to the use of
asymmetric keys, so-called "public-key" and "private-key" division.  While
this wonderful discovery/invention lends itself to the building of global
key infrastructure, it need not be used globally to be called a "public-
key" infrastructure.

>From your earlier writing, I surmise you are a strong advocate of the
utility of a "Global Authentication Infrastructure".  This may be of
great value to many, and equally frightening to others.  But either
way it has no rights to exclusive use of the term "PKI".


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