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[Last updated on: Thu Feb 22 19:21:15 1996]

The SPKI mailing list exists as a place for discussions by the
proposed Simple Public Key Infrastructure (SPKI) working group of the
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

The group will be meeting as a BOF at the Los Angeles IETF; it is
hoped that it will be approved as an official working group soon

The following is a draft of the proposed charter of the working group:


Simple Public Key Infrastructure (SPKI) Working Group (Proposed)

Proposed Charter


   * Perry E. Metzger <perry@piermont.com>

Security Area Director(s):

   * Jeffrey Schiller <jis@mit.edu>

Mailing List Information

   * General Discussion: spki@c2.org
   * To Subscribe: majordomo@c2.org
        o In Body: subscribe spki <email address>
   * Archive: ftp://TBA/TBA

Description of Working Group

Many Internet protocols and applications which use the Internet employ
public key technology for security purposes and require a public key
infrastructure to manage public keys.

The task of the working group will be to develop Internet standards
for an IETF sponsored public key certificate format, associated
signature and other formats, and key acquisition protocols.  The key
certificate format and associated protocols are to be simple to
understand, implement, and use. For purposes of the working group, the
resulting formats and protocols are to be known as the Simple Public
Key Infrastructure, or SPKI.

The SPKI is intended to provide mechanisms to support security in a
wide range of internet applications, including IPSEC protocols like
Photuris and SKIP, encrypted electronic mail and WWW documents,
payment protocols, and any other application which will require the
use of public key certificates and the ability to access them. It is
intended that the Simple Public Key Infrastructure will support a
range of trust models.

Goals and Milestones

Feb 96
     Agree on working group charter.
Mar 96
     Examine applicable technologies.
     First meeting at Los Angeles IETF.
Jun 96
     Complete initial specification.
Aug 96
     Submit SPKI specifications to IESG for consideration as a
     Proposed Standard.