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Re: RSA on smartcards

Just for reference, the cryptography (cryptography@c2.net, sign up
via majordomo@c2.net) and coderpunks (coderpunks@toad.com, sign up
via majordomo@toad.com) mailing lists are probably better sources of
information on this sort of question. I suggest taking the question to 
one of those two (or both).

Natarajan Sureshkumar writes:
> This is probably not the right forum to ask, but could not find any
> other place to post the question:
> Does anyone know or can give pointers to info regarding the speed of RSA
> on smartcard co-processors? I could not find any authentic source of
> information in this regard.
> Any reply would be appreciated.
> Suresh Natarajan
> Thomson Consumer Electronics