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Re: RSA on smartcards

RSA signatures on a Smart Card with no coprocessor usually takes at least
30 seconds.  Here are a few benchmarks including a comparison to elliptic
curve cryptosystem (ECC) algorithms:

Algorithm   Coprocessor         Speed      Key Size     Comments
RSA             None              30 sec       1024
RSA             None               9 sec        ?   non-standard tricks
ECC             None             <800 ms        163
RSA       Yes ($5-$20 extra)   350-800ms       1024

Note that speed is not the only consideration.  Card cost and memory usage
are also critical design criteria.  Many cards do not have memory space for
1K keys.  X.509 certificates are even a larger problem in smart cards...
perhaps SPKI with EC algorithms would be simple and efficient.


Paul A. Lambert

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NatarajS@tce.com on 04/13/98 12:14:00 PM

To:   spki@c2.net
cc:    (bcc: Paul Lambert/Certicom)
Subject:  RSA on smartcards

This is probably not the right forum to ask, but could not find any
other place to post the question:
Does anyone know or can give pointers to info regarding the speed of RSA
on smartcard co-processors? I could not find any authentic source of
information in this regard.
Any reply would be appreciated.
Suresh Natarajan
Thomson Consumer Electronics