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Re: Final Year Thesis : SPKI

>On Sun, 28 Jun 1998 DoWneR@mail.dma.be wrote:
>> My name is Olivier Dellicour. I'm 24, I'm Belgian and I live in 
>> Brussels. I'm a Business Ingeneer student and like every students 
>> around the world I have to write a final year thesis. Mine is about 
>> electronic certification and SPKI. I have to compare SPKI 
>> certificate and its competitors (X.509, ...) and demonstrate that 
>> SPKI is better (at least try to !!!). As you can imagine, I'm not a 


Comparing SPKI with X.509 is like comparing apples and speedboats. 

In spite of its name, SPKI is NOT a PKI and does not allow a PKI to
be built with it. Neither with SDSI, in SPKI/SDSI. 

Further, SPKI addresses the question of "what" and only to the issuer
-- while X.509 addresses "who" and "what" and not only to the issuer.

Further, as a general rule, it is not advisable to set goals of what
you want to demonstrate before studying the subjects -- because the
subjects may not be even comparable, as the case at hand..


Ed Gerck

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