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announcing E-CARM, a new mailing list

Our apologies for any cross posting, but we are anxious to get the word
out asap :)

	      Announcing the creation of a new mailing list:


This mailing list has been established to foster and support an on-line
discussion forum where we can:

	* debate (non) technical, administrative and managerial issues
   	  pertaining to: secure transactions, competing rights management 
	  models (e.g. ECMS, PICS, certificates, FIRM, etc.), evolving
	  standards, supporting technologies and other approaches for
	  enabling electronic commerce;
	* inform each other about upcoming conferences, workshops, etc.
	* point to online papers, resources/links, new apps, web
	  sites, etc.
	* identify the critical factors relevant to design, development
	  and implementation of a rights management infrastructure;
	* raise questions, share problems, relate concerns;
	* share success/horror stories;
	* and much, much more ...

If you are interested in subscribing to this list, please send a message


with the following line in body of the message (NOT the subject):

subscribe e-carm "FirstName LastName" (without the quotation marks)

and after you are notified that you have been subbed, we would ask that
you send a short note to the list, briefly introducing yourself and your
interests in e-commerce and rights management so that we can begin to come
together as a community of shared interest(s).

E-CARM is intended to be a member-driven, open, collaborative mailing
list. However, its success in creating a viable on-line forum will
depend on individual contributions. As a step in this direction, we
encourage you to share this announcement with other mailing lists or
anyone who may be interested in getting involved.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on E-CARM,

Judie Mulholland
Rajiv Kaushik

List Moderators