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agenda slots

If you're interested in speaking at the SPKI session in L.A., please
drop a note to me and/or Perry Metzger (perry@piermont.com).  I'm
also soliciting a list of open issues -- I'd rather spend time talking
in a high-bandwidth session than in having someone present stuff that's
in a draft everyone could read.

As a reminder -- drafts are due to the Secretariat by March 13.  Given
the load on the Secretariat, I urge you to get them in earlier if possible.
If you can't manage that, it would probably be useful if you found a
Web or FTP site to hold your draft temporarily, and sent a pointer to
the list.  If you can't find such a site, drop a note to Perry or me
and we'll see what we can do to help.

Our tentative slot is Tuesday, March 31 at 1415-1515 (opposite ip1394,
ngtrans, tcpsat).  There will certainly be other conflicts, as more
working groups and BoFs are scheduled.