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Re: on the nature of trust


I do believe that your definition of Trust (in the sense analogous to
Information Theory) is the most elegant and useful one, to repeat:

> Trust: "Trust is that which is essential to a communication channel but
>         which cannot be transferred from a source to a destination using
>         that channel"  

(Author! Author!)

As I have said earlier, it seems vaguely derivative of Kurt Godel's
foundation-shattering result, which I paraphrase poorly here:

"In any system of mathematics sufficiently expressive, one can produce
statements that are simultaneously True, and yet cannot be Proven to 
be True within the given system."

The problem facing mathematicians (Russell's "Erlangen Programme") was
that the system in question was Axiomatic Set Theory, and one cound not
find a "parent system" yet more expressive in which to embed it, which
stood on similarly axiomatic grounds.

So the question remains:  If I must Trust the given channel by some out-
of-band means, wherein will this Trust originate?


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