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Trust is NOT knowledge, was Re: The role of trust in certification

On Fri, 13 Feb 1998, Bob Blakley wrote:


In all fairness to you (since it may just be due to a reading hiccup) and
so as not to confuse this issue with the cert questions you posed, I am
sending this in separate. 

-> You'll note that implicit in this is a criticism of Ed's definition of trust
-> as knowledge.  I think it's an interesting analytic model but clearly not
-> "true" in any real-world sense.   Trust is certainly by both the intuitive
-> and the dictionary definitions not knowledge, but rather *belief* -- that
-> another party will act in a certain desired way.

I never wrote that trust is knowledge. Pls re-read the posting as I even
affirmed otherwise. In fact, trust (as I defined) may be belief as you say
but is not only that. Which is good, since we know that so-called Belief
Theory (D-S) leads to wrong answers. 



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