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Re: Modelling trust


I know that each of the lists PKIX, SPKI and "cert-talk" tend to have
little patience with academic discussions on modeling.  If you find a
list that is more appropriate, let me know and I will sign up as well.

The PKIX list is focused upon working out the details of X.509v3.

"cert-talk" (perhaps inappropriately named) is focused upon practical
how-to questions over existing deployed implementations.

SPKI (rather quiet of late) has already transitioned from theory to
implementation, but they may be the most receptive.  I say this because
the lightweight (some would say "inadequate") nature of their form for
supporting global PKI still leaves as an open question how this form
might be deployed and "ganged together" to support larger and varied
needs.  (I hope Carl Ellison and Perry Metzger don't beat me up;)

Maybe Ed Gerck has some suggestions;)

At 11:43 AM 3/5/98 -0600, you wrote:
>In response to the appropriateness of discussing trust models in this
list, I 
>would assume that many of the participants on this list would be
interested in 
>the underlying application and usefulness of the trust model that public key 
>technology enables.  For us to blindly discuss the detailed technical
>of any given technology without keeping our feet grounded in the
>drivers sustaining the development of that technology would be
irresponsible, to
>say the least.
>Given that, I would be very happy to participate in another list if my 
>colleauges in this forum are not as receptive to these types of
discussions as I
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