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I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-spki-cert-req-01.txt

Internet-Drafts@ns.ietf.org writes:
 > A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.
 > This draft is a work item of the Simple Public Key Infrastructure Working Group 
 > of the IETF.
 > 	Title		: SPKI Requirements
 > 	Author(s)	: C. Ellison
 > 	Filename	: draft-ietf-spki-cert-req-01.txt
 > 	Pages		: 15
 > 	Date		: 11-Mar-98
 >    The IETF Simple Public Key Infrastructure [SPKI] Working Group is
 >    tasked with producing a certificate structure and operating procedure
 >    to meet the needs of the Internet community for trust management in
 >    as easy, simple and extensible a way as possible.

To be coherent with the text, and to the other announced texts, the last
sentence above should delete the word "trust" and use "authorization"
instead. The concept of trust is not dealt with in the layer that SPKI
works in,  as written in the companion text 

   The first purpose of SPKI certificates is to address the issue of
   "trust" by avoiding the term and instead concentrating on asking what
   a given keyholder is permitted or authorized to do.



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