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Re: KeyNote draft available


At 10:20 PM 3/13/98 -0800, Hal Finney wrote:
>One other point - it appears that all authorizations can be delegated
>indefinitely, right?  If one key grants an authority to a second, the
>second key can pass the authority on to a third in any way it likes?


>In some contexts this may be permissible and appropriate, but perhaps
>not in others, if the end users are not trusted.
>Perhaps it would be the application's responsibility to make sure that
>it only provides appropriate credentials, and in this case it should
>not have provided that last one?


	let me jump in before Bill Frantz gets to -- and make his point for him.  
Allowing indefinite delegation is just a way to encourage people not to loan 
out their private keys.  If we were running pure capability systems, this 
would be second nature.  Bill does, which is why it's his point.  We shouted 
him down in the SPKI drafts, but he really wanted delegation to be automatic.

	The argument for it is that an end user, trusted or not (and there's that 
nasty word again :), will find a way to let someone else use his power...so
you might as well cooperate with the inevitable.

 - Carl

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